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Why Use This Site

Supernatural Supermarket has no access to your personal account details whatsoever.  All of the links will take you directly to Amazon.  Our comprehensive knowledge of the supernatural allows us to go further than most other sites as we share information about your favourite DVDs and authors, as well as links to other authors' books which you may not have heard about previously. 

Check out is directly through Amazon - an entirely secure process.  So, why not escape from reality for a while and take a look through the items advertised?  Or, use the box below to search on Amazon for something entirely different!

Do you thirst after vampires? 

Are you looking for zombie films and books? 

Has your appetite for werewolves been whetted?

 Look no further - we have EVERYTHING you need!

About Supernatural Supermarket


I love the horror/fantasy genre.  If you’ve found your way to this site, Supernatural Supermarket, it’s either because you do as well, or someone close to you is a massive fan of horror.  The aim of Supernatural Supermarket is to provide links to the very best films and box sets, books and other related merchandise that are available.

It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for someone you love, but if you are confused by your loved one’s interest in this genre, help is at hand.  Supernatural Supermarket is a UK-based website and the links on this site are directly from Amazon and are related to various topics in the horror genre - vampires, witches, zombies, ghosts or lycans.

Buying through this site is quick and easy (all you need is an Amazon account) and means:

  • Your credit card information is 100% safe
  • You can check for the cheapest price online
  • No more waiting in queues
  • Endless searches for that perfect present are a thing of the past
  • No car parking fees, bus fairs or petrol costs
  • You don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home; you don’t have to leave your bed (unless you want to!)
  • Your loved one will be thrilled that you’ve gone to so much effort
  • Only you know exactly how little effort you have put into buying their gift!

If this is your type of website - why not share it with your friends and family to let them know where to come hunting for your gift ideas?

When it comes to important occasions, like that all-important birthday or holiday, our advice is to plan in advance!  You might not have thought that it was possible to find the perfect gift for your True Blood-loving wife; or another teen-vampire cult classic for your Twilight-angst-addicted offspring, but we go further by providing links that make it easier to find the perfect gift for your loved ones... or even yourself!  How about a replica of Vampire Diaries' bad boy, Damon's leather jacket for your style-conscious teenage son?

Maybe your husband is an aficionado of The Walking Dead, or a fan of the Resident Evil games and you know he would love the films or even the books.  Or maybe you recall that your brother loved The Wraith when he was a teenager or that your father still enjoys Hammer Horror films.

Supernatural Supermarket makes it easier for you to connect with the TV series, DVDs and books that you love - and perhaps provides a little inspiration for other items that are available. 

We only link to those films, books and other products which are highly recommended so you know your money is well spent! 

You can shop around if you want, or you can get everything you want in one place to make it easier for you!  Whether you're looking for gifts for a loved one, or you need to source some new reading material for your daily train commute, Supernatural Supermarket is the first place to look!

Inspired by an entirely unrelated conversation, Supernatural Supermarket has been created by those who are passionate about the paranormal.  Our links will hopefully reveal new sources of reading material and provide links to DVDs and other merchandise that you might not have realised were available.  Works by authors such as Christine Feehan, Laurell K Hamilton, Charlaine Harris and Sherrilyn Kenyon feature highly in these pages and are recommended reads for adults.  For your teenagers, perhaps Stephanie Meyer, PC and Kristin Cast or LJ Smith would be more appropriate?  The House of Night series by PC and Kristin Cast is enthralling and the story line invites you to keep reading and reading. 

There are many different supernatural products available, whether you are into vampires, witches, zombies, ghosts or lycans - or something else! 

So if you're looking for something special for your coven, hang up your hat and broomstick for a while and take a look at what Supernatural Supermarket offers - it's not your average sales outlet! 

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