I have watched every moment of The Walking Dead Season One and am really looking forward to catching the rest of Season Two on Sky TV. 

One cannot fail to be impressed by the leadership of former police chief Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes), and Jon Bernthal's portrayal of Shane Walsh, the police officer who has reached the limit of his endurance, is sympathetic considering the circumstances in which they find themselves.  The special effects in this particular TV show are nothing short of stunning and are must-see (no matter how gruesome you find the subject matter!)

I hated zombie films when I was a teen, but the small group's struggle for survival in an apocalypse world where they roam from town to town seeking other survivors and hope is touching and at times heart-breaking.  The power struggles within the group keep you on the edge of your seat and I'm thrilled that the producers have really sexed this production up.  Clearly, with the arrival of True Blood on our TV screens, a program like The Walking Dead had to either put up or shut up - but much as I love True Blood - I think TWD has a voice all it's own: and I want to hear more of it.