I know I'm not the only one who has a poster on the fridge listing survival techniques in the event of a zombie apocalypse, and I know there is no likelihood of this happening; but sometimes I feel I am the only one who notices the zombies in every day life.  I was one myself last week!

I had a rotten cold/flu bug and I felt seriously under the weather, yet I tried to continue my every day routine.  I'm not sure that much actually sunk in last week at all!  I thought about myself shuffling around with very little zest for life; no real impetus or anything to attract my interest.  All I could focus on was my inner pain and hope to feel better soon.  I am sure many of my friends and family would have looked at me and noticed how ill I was, but I doubt their minds would have immediately equated me with a zombie.

I don't know if you'll have watched Sean of the Dead, which is a rather dark comedy about a zombie apocalypse starring Simon Pegg, where the zombies are given jobs collecting supermarket trolleys.  I considered, probably for the first time, that many of us do continue along the same vein, day after day, doing exactly the same old thing; nothing changing; not evolving - barely living! 

Well, fortunately, I'm feeling much better this week, so I'm seizing back my life with a little more zest and enthusiasm than normal; extremely grateful for the opportunities that come my way.

I know this much - there will be a few more zombies over the cold months but fortunately by March/April, we should all have a new spring in our step.