Well, it has been an incredible couple of weeks here at La Maison Supernatural Supermarket.  I've been quite lost without Sky, but as an apology we've been given the added incentive of six months' worth of movies.  I quite like the sound of that but with life so hectic I haven't had a minute to really enjoy much.

The only film I've managed to watch so far is Resident Evil: Afterlife which was pretty amazing!  Of course, being a fan of the games and genre is par for the course and the graphics were incredible (computer generated or otherwise).  Milla Jovovich continues to look absolutely amazing on screen as Alice and it was great to see Ali Larter reprise the role of Claire Renfield.  Wentworth Miller is a nice piece of eye candy for female fans and plays Claire's brother, Chris.

I managed to pick up a few books on my travels this week:

The Host by Stephenie Meyer (no idea how good this is but felt that I should at least try it out)

and three futuristic crime fiction books by Nora Roberts (writing as JD Robb).  I have read some of these before and they are pretty good.

I also picked up this for my daughter: Vampireology.  I don't know if you've seen the "Ologies" books before, but they are available on lots of different topics including Aliens and Monsters.  The latter is the next one on my list!  As far as the Vampireology book is concerned, it is really engrossing with lots of information and secret hiding places for those inquisitive little fingers.  Let's just say that my daughter won't be keeping it!  (Not if I can help it!)

Talking about monsters, I'd best go feed mine and enjoy some time out before True Blood graces the telly later.

A woman's work, eh?  See you again soon!