Here's hoping the insanity dies down for a bit.

I guess I have been hooked by TWO new series to hit the UK TV scene!  I absolutely love Suits!  This has absolutely nothing to do with the supernatural, but it is brilliant.  It focuses on a minor criminal who was set up to do a drugs drop and instead finds his way to an interview for a law firm as an associate.  The premise is really good and both the associate and his mentor are extremely good looking.  There's even a sexy paralegal so your fella can have some eye candy too!

Now, onto the second!  I love Grimm!  It is exactly as I suspected!  The first episode was a remake of Red Riding Hood, only this time a reformed Big Bad Wolf helped to find the bad guy!  Nick Bernhardt, the clueless Grimm, trying to find a missing child and finding instead the reformed wold marking his territory, there was a little room for slapstick.  There were a few jumping moments too, but some of these were anticipated in advance.  If you haven't had chance to catch the program yet, have a look for it!  I'm recording it on Sky+. 

I was talking to someone at the train station a couple of days ago, who pointed me in the direction of some new reading material.  Apparently, Charlaine Harris, originator of the True Blood series, has written some other fiction too.  In this case, it's a girl who is caught out in a thunderstorm and is struck by lightening, after which point she starts to hear dead people and can find graves - even those that weren't known about previously.  Sounds fantastic and, hopefully, I'll get my mitts on them very soon!