What do you have planned for your sweetie?

Well, thanks to my husband's inability to keep a secret, I already know what he's got me!  He ordered me a stunning pair of pink tourmaline heart-shaped earrings and Mrs Brown's Boys - Season 1. I must admit, I love Mrs Brown's Boys (yes, it's a man in a feckin dress - as Brendan O'Carroll says) but it is really funny!

So, other than ordering Twilight: Breaking Dawn - part 1 for myself - any ideas on how I get him to buy me it?  I want vampires and shapeshifters, danger and excitement, I want to see the marriage ceremony of Edward and Bella, and the honeymoon where Edward wrecks the bedroom. 

I can't wait until November for the last instalment.  Can't wait to see Charlie's face when Jacob transforms into a wolf in front of him - that has to be a sight worth seeing.  I'm wondering if Charlie will reach for his gun.  tee hee

Anyway, come back soon for another blog entry!