The subject of zombies has inundated movie theatres since the 1970s and remains a popular part of cult literature, wowing both television and movie audiences across the globe.

However, the first film of the genre is White Zombie, released in 1932, in which a young man turns to the dark arts in order to wrest the woman he loves from her fiancé, but turns her into a zombie slave instead with unexpected results.  More recent times have seen blood and gore fests, like the 1968 classic, Night of the Living Dead.  This film follows a group of survivors trying to find a safe haven in an apocalyptic world.

More up to date offerings include the darkly comic genii of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in Shaun of the Dead which is a somewhat bizarre take on life.  The zombies in this particular film are rehabilitated by having jobs, collecting trolleys at the supermarket, and playing games with friends, specifically video games.  I must admit to loving the Resident Evil films with Milla Jovovich playing the much maligned Alice.  It’s cool to see Ali Larter from Heroes fame in the role of Claire Redfield as well as Wentworth Miller as her brother, Chris.

The zombie television series of the moment has got to be The Walking Dead with Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal.  Season One begins at the start of the zombie apocalypse, with Season Two continuing with the group’s adventures and misfortunes.  This gripping series gets you involved from the outset.  The characters are believable and come complete with the full set of human morals and ethics.  Some of the scenes prove to be extremely emotional and even upsetting; however, putting yourself in the place of the survivors is an uncomfortable position.  The Walking Dead is compelling television and in my opinion it rates as highly as True Blood and Game of Thrones (which are my other favourite TV programs at present).

There have always been alleged sightings of ghosts and vampires, but it appears that the zombie apocalypse might have started in Miami!  Police officers found a naked man eating the face of another naked man under a bridge on the MacArthur Causeway on Saturday afternoon.  The “zombie” refused to obey officer’s requests to stop his macabre meal and a police officer fired a round.  The zombie continued to eat with gusto and was shot again.  Police sources confirm that the victim was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital, but was virtually unrecognisable following the attack.  Witnesses claim to have heard at least half a dozen shots.

I told you… Truth is much stranger than fiction!

See you again soon