Anyone who "True"ly knows me knows how much I love this series and I am absolutely bummed that I don't live Stateside.  If I did, I would be enjoying the delights of Sookie, Eric, Bill and Alcide (not to mention Lafayette, Hoyt and Jason) that little bit sooner!

This series originally sprang from the works of Charlaine Harris who has written a whole series of books on "The Southern Vampire Mysteries".  The books are written from the first person viewpoint of Sookie Stackhouse, although Alan Ball has taken some creative liberties with the series, which in my opinion have actually made the story better.

Season Four ended with Tara being shot and Sookie screaming for help.  It was also apparent that Russell Edgington had risen from his concrete grave!  I don't know what Season 5 is going to bring, but it will be thrilling to watch and make compelling viewing!

Those people living in the US should bear us UK citizens in mind a little.  Due to various contracts HBO have with various broadcasters in the UK, our terrestrial providers can't show Season 4 until it has finished airing on Sky, by which point our American counterparts are already sitting down to watch Season 5.  To make matters worse, Sky can't show Season 5, until our terrestrial providers have finished showing the previous one...  Confusing?  Yeah!  It can suck living in the UK!

It being the Diamond Jubilee this weekend, I would like to congratulate Her Majesty on her achievements and thank her for her dedication.  It is apparent that her time on the throne has not always been easy or happy for her, but like all parents she has done the best that she could with the time she has had.  The reason I bring this up is because I am imagining a scene whereby King Bill of Louisiana is invited to join the celebrations with his entourage.  Could you imagine the conversation between them?

"Will you be joining us at the festivities,.." To aide, "What exactly should I call him?"

Aide whispers furiously, "I believe the correct term is King Bill, ma'am!"

"Will you be joining us at the festivities, King Bill?"

"I should be delighted, Your Majesty.  Does your kitchen have a supply of True Blood?"

Her Majesty addresses her aide again, "Did he say Blue Blood?"

Aide whispers back again, "No ma'am, he said True Blood.  Apparently it's the most advanced form of non-blood available on the mass market!"

"People are drinking blood?"

"Not people, ma'am... Vampires!"  The aide shudders in disgust.

"Goodness gracious!"