I can't believe it has taken me so long to do a write up on this particular series.

I've been a fan of True Blood since I switched on the telly one night and joined the first series, about four episodes in!  Within ten minutes my husband had logged off the computer and had joined me.  This particular television program is a far cry from Vampire Diaries and Twilight.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love these too.  I adore Sanctuary and Heroes, but True Blood is the program I watch over and over again.  It's gritty, realistic and has made the vampire genre strong again.  I generally use Vampire Diaries and Twilight for Teens, True Blood is for adults - and it is!

Season 4 opens with Sookie on an adventure with her fairy godmother.  She doesn't realise at first that she is in an alternate reality, until she sees her grandfather, Earl.  Sookie realises fairly quickly that the fruit is enchanted and refuses to eat it.  This leads to a showdown with the Queen of the Fairies and Sookie trying to escape.  Sookie eventually returns home to learn that she has been missing for more than a year and her brother has joined the Sheriff's team of police officers and has sold her house.  Her return to Bon Temps is felt by both Eric and Bill and sure enough, they both beat a path to her door at sundown.  For Sookie, it has only been a few hours since her last argument with the two vampires and she isn't in a forgiving mood, but Eric's insistence that he knew she would come back strikes a chord with her, especially as everyone else had given up.

This is the least of her worries though, as new witch, Marni, comes to Shreveport; with Holly, Lafayette and Jesus getting caught in the crossfire when the magic turns to necromancy.  Necromancy gives the magical practitioner control over the dead, so it is no surprise when this gets King Bill's back up.  Yep, Bill Compton is made King of Louisiana following the sad demise of Queen Sophie-Anne (my husband really liked her for some reason!)  So, fast forward to tomorrow night's episode; Eric has completely lost his memory and King Bill is honour bound to find him and kill him to prevent Marni from seizing control of the rest of them, or using Eric to kill them.  Meanwhile, Pam is losing face (literally) as Marni's spell has her face decomposing.  Well, I say Marni's spell... Marni is suffering from temporary possession by a witch burned at the stake during the Spanish Inquisition.  I have seen Season 4 in its entirety already, but to preserve the enjoyment for those among you who haven't watched it, I'll remain quiet for now on what will happen in Sunday's episode.

I think the best thing about this series is, it isn't afraid to show these supernatural characters in all their glory.  Even Sam Merlotte and his brother find some mutual understanding in this series, while Jason has suffered horrendously at the hands of the werepanthers in Hotshot and now believes that he's going to share their fate.

There's a lot more interesting times still to come on True Blood, and if you are not watching this incredible television program, why not?