This certainly proved to be an exciting instalment in the latest series!  Buy Walking Dead: Season One now by heading to this page: Zombies.

Rick, Hershel and Glenn were stuck in the bar at the end of the last episode, and had just killed two men to preserve their existence at Hershel's farm.  One of the things I love about this series is it makes you think about life in a post-apocalyptic world and as you see the characters develop week after week, you do care for them and get involved.  I must admit, I wanted Sophia to be alive somewhere, but the series is realistic in very many respects.

Where there are two people alive, I guess it stands to reason that there will be more and Rick et al were about to leave the bar when allies of the two dead men turn up.  It turns into a rather tame gunfight, with a few shots being fired, but the abject terror of the three is accurately reflected in the face of Rick; and the shell shock of Glenn.  They finally make it outside only to be shot at from the roof of an adjacent building when a truck screams up the street.  The driver yells that walkers are coming and the rooftop sniper makes a leap of faith.  He lands on another roof, only to roll off and impale his leg on a security fence.  The sniper turns out to be a young teen and the group plan to perform an emergency amputation to save his life, but with walkers closing in time runs out and their choices are few.

In the meantime Shane goes after Lori who we last saw in an overturned truck after hitting a walker in the middle of the road.  She regains consciousness to find another walker trying to eat his way through the windscreen and amazingly succeeding!  She fails to escape the truck and in panic reaches out with both hands to see what's available.  She finds a screwdriver and smashes it into the eye socket of the walker eating his way through the glass.  She doesn't make it out of the woods that easily though and when she finally does get out of the car, she finds more walkers waiting for her.

Shane is imbalanced due to post traumatic stress and needs help.  The only other member of the group on his side is Andrea who, let's face it, has been through hell herself what with killing her own sister after she turned and she sees his point of view exactly. 

Luckily, I've managed to see a preview of next week's episode and I will talk about this more in detail after Friday, when you will be able to watch this episode on FXUK.  If you're not watching this series...  Do so!  It's a gripping drama, with a lot of horror and gore mixed in, but it is simply unmissable!