If my calculations are correct, then the next episode of The Walking Dead will be the last one on television for a while (well we might be treated to it on terrestrial telly, but there will be no new episodes until next year!  *sob*

However, for those of you on facebook, I managed to access this little gem - The Walking Dead Game.  Last time I checked, it hadn't gone live, but hopefully it won't be much longer.  Okay, it won't be anything like the series - these things seldom are; but it might help ease the boredom and frustration until it's back on our screens again!

I'm sure the last episode is going to be a real hell raiser!  The penultimate episode ended with young Carl firing a shot gun, killing Shane who had turned into a walker, and walkers were closing in on him and his father from miles around.  I don't know how the group is going to get out of this one, but it looks like the series finale is going to go out with a bang - or should that be a few bangs?

At least we can all rest safe in the knowledge that Series 3 is under way!  See you all soon!