So, having watched the Season Two finale of The Walking Dead last week I am champing at the bit waiting for Season Three.

Season Two ended with Andrea being rescued from a zombie attack by someone wearing a cloak.  This character's name is Michonne and we will meet her fully, no doubt, in the next series.  The role has already been cast and looks set to be played by Danai Gurira - from her shrouded arrival at the end of Season Two, it is obvious she is one ball-busting bitch, so expect to see some sparks flying in Season Three.

Lori and Rick's relationship is set to become a lot more complex.  I don't think Lori expected Shane to push Rick to the edge of his endurance the way he did.  Rick is left in a lose-lose situation and his wife has to face the repercussions of telling Rick to "take care of the situation".  I'm sure she didn't expect Shane to try to kill Rick, but she has been very close to both guys and she will no doubt be feeling a lot of guilt.

The fact that Rick has been keeping a secret from all the apocalypse survivors was poorly received, and his admission that he killed Shane shocks many of the group.  Some of them question Rick's ability to protect the group and question his decisions which leads to a bit of a meltdown and Rick seizes control of the group and tells them it's now a "My way or the highway" scenario.  If they don't like it, they can leave.

As the show ends, the camera pans out to view a compound with barbed wire round the top.  It seemed to be either a training camp for service personnel, or a prison.  Going on the fact that it was in the middle of nowhere; and had little in the way of transportation links nearby, I'd like to bet on the latter.  It appeared to be surrounded by forest on all four sides, so it is well out of the way.

Filming of Season Three begins in May, with Brit actor David Morrissey as The Governor of the prison.  Although he wouldn't be drawn too much on the story lines for next season, Glen Mazzara did mention that Merle's storyline is as yet unfinished, and that Morgan Jones and his son Duane (from Season One) were also 'out there'. 

Anyone who wants to read the Glen Mazzara interview should follow this link and read up on other spoilers.

Come back soon for another entry.  See you soon!