Eragon... Eldest... Brisingr... Inheritance...  I have all four of them now and have just started reading Brisingr.

Eragon's story, I already knew thanks mainly to the cinematic release.  However, I think the pundits in Hollywood did a massive disservice to this particular film!

They got some of the action right, but some parts of it were sped up, which was confusing at best, and other times the film seemed to go so slow.  It's a shame, because the film had so much potential and I really can't see them turning the second film of the book into another sequel (even though I want this to happen.) 

Eragon is not a witch or a wizard.  The source of his magic is his dragon and his growing relationship with her. There are some spoilers ahead, so if you haven't read any of the sequels to Eragon you might want to flick back to one of my other blog posts now...

Spoiler Alert

It is a pity that they didn't portray the fight scene as it was written in the book.  The leader of the Varden is betrayed by two of his magical guards, while Eragon faces a lot of pain in Eldest simply because of the cut he receives from Durza's blade.  By not representing this properly and not showing Eragon in any pain at the end of the first film, the producers did a massive disservice to both the book and the author! 

The fact that Eragon battles through much of Eldest in pain reveals much about his character.  He's tenacious with lots of courage, but he is fallible and he is human!  Fortunately, two elven dragons heal Eragon completely and change him into a human-elf hybrid.  He still has all the power and strength of heart, but the ability and endurance of an elf.  Another two dragons creep out of the woodwork in Eldest.  One belongs to an elf; the other belongs to Eragon's brother! 

I must admit, from the first time I saw Eragon, I had an inkling who this character would be.  From the storyline, it is apparent that they had the same mother; and Eragon supposes that they share the same father.  I have only read the first couple of chapters of Brisingr, but I believe Eragon has a different father to that of his brother!  Wouldn't it be funny if Eragon's father was Galbatorix?  Just a wild stab in the dark, really. 

My thoughts on this are because:

Selene did not remove Murtagh from his father, even though Morzan beat him, hurt him and hacked at him with a blade.  She did not stay long with her brother in Carvahall, just long enough to have the baby and then leave him, which suggests that she was truly terrified!  Why would she not want the father to know his son?  Or did she realise before the child was due that it was not Morzan's and was she forced to seek a new family for him/her?

The saddest thing about life is that very often we put up with what we know for fear of that which we don't know.  In other words, we will put up with so much crap from someone who shows us the slightest bit of attention, that often we let them treat us badly.  Did Selene know what she was returning to?  Was her life ended as Murtagh believed? 

This is all speculation as I don't honestly know... But I'm dying to find out!  On that note - I'm off to pick up a book.  Come back for another blog entry very soon.  :)