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The Woman in Black - Review

Posted by Andrea Lake on Thursday, March 1, 2012, In : Ghosts 

It's not often that words fail me, but I'm going to try to do justice to this film, somehow!

Daniel Radcliffe plays a widowed lawyer who has been engaged to sell a house and he has been told that he has to complete all the paperwork in respect of that house.  He travels to a lonely village where he is most definitely persona non grata and the locals try to persuade him to leave.  Having been given the "don't fail speech" off his employer, Arthur Kipps resolves to do the job properly and vi...
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The Woman in Black - at cinemas now!

Posted by Andrea Lake on Wednesday, February 22, 2012, In : Ghosts 
This new film starring Daniel Radcliffe is something to really whet my appetite!

Billed as a drama/horror/thriller by, I must admit, I am longing to see this particular film.  The production company is my old favourite Hammer Film Productions and it's fantastic to see that they're finally recarving their niche - no one creates those tense moments before the "jump" quite like Hammer do.  No - I'm not going to mention The Ring.  Not at all!

The two films are totally dissimilar!  The fact...
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