I must admit, I am still absolutely loving Christopher Paolini's work! 

From my previous post on this subject, I am happy to say I got some aspects right, but I also got a lot of stuff wrong!  I'm not going to go into any details, as I think the books are well worth buying and reading for yourselves!

Eragon has undergone a great many changes since the first book.  He has grown up considerably and has had many challenges to face.  He has also killed many of his fellow men, and feels the weight of that responsibility very keenly.  As I write, I have reached the point where Nasuada has been taken captive by Galbatorix and Murtagh is helping to torture her.

I still don't know how this book, Inheritance, is going to turn out, and I am reading avidly, even though I am barely half-way through!  Eragon has left the Varden temporarily in order to chase a possible source of help in Vroengard, the land of the Dragon Riders.  In most of these books, everything turns out okay in the end, but I seriously doubt that Nasuada is going to recover from her time under Galbatorix with Murtagh's tender ministrations - and to think, she spent so much time trying to befriend him in the first book! 

Will I let you know how it turns out?  Maybe, but it's doubtful.  Some would contend that these books are similar to those by Tolkien.  Okay, there's fighting, magic, elves, urgals and dragons, but Tolkien's books didn't feature dragons and I seriously doubt that Tolkien has the monopoly on fighting either!  The elves are responsible for most of the magic within these books, with some witchcraft coming from humans and the riders too.  The urgals are nothing like the orcs from Tolkien's work and the Raa'zak are truly hideous and frightening creatures.  Although these are portrayed as similar to Tolkien's Ringwraiths on film, the Raa'zak at least can be killed!

And on that cheerful note, I'm going to say cheery-bye until next time.  Come back soon for another entry!