It has been such a busy month for me.  Becoming a grandparent was probably my scariest moment and in spite of my best efforts my daughter refused to call her daughter Wednesday.  :(  Well, she was born on Halloween, so I thought it was appropriate!

For all the fear and worry, though, sometimes I wish that life had a pause button so I could appreciate those incredible moments for a few seconds or minutes longer.  I know that Adam Sandler didn't really use the remote control to his advantage in the film 'Click' but I believe that I would use it to make those precious memories stay just a little longer.

On to television - has anyone else been watching the new season of Haven on SyFy?  I must admit, I get caught up so easily in the 'troubles' of that little town and Audrey Parker is a most intriguing character. 

I am absolutely loving the new Vampire Diaries on ITV2 as well!  Elena as a vampire... Who would have thought that was going to happen? 

Talking about humans transforming - who is looking forward to the next Twilight film?  I really don't know if I want to watch it in a cinema again this time...  I did that with Eclipse and could barely hear it over the screams of hormonal teenage girls when Jacob showed up without a shirt on!  Yes, I get that Taylor Lautner might be sexy to some, but please...  The rest of us don't need to hear it!  When we saw Breaking Dawn - Part 1, it was ruined by schoolgirl giggles at the more intimate moments.  Maybe the local flicks will put on a special midnight showing and ban all teenage presence!  Likely do you think?

Probably not, but I can live in hope!

Now, for those of you eagerly anticipating a trip from the guy in red, if you are missing a Twilight DVD from your collection you can pick them up really cheap if you order now:  [DVD]The Twilight Saga: New Moon; The Twilight Saga: Eclipse [DVD]; and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 [DVD] are all available for £5 or less and you could also get free delivery!  Think of it this way, it'll make you popular with the lady in your life... Or your screaming teens!  Seriously though, if you could keep them quiet in the cinemas, that would be fab!  ;)
Well, speak to you all again soon.  Happy hunting folks!