Hi folks!

There seems to be an influx of supernatural cinema screenings on at the moment.  You have to wonder why they're not waiting until October, to take advantage of Halloween treats and the spooky season, but their loss is definitely our gain!

A friend of mine has already been to see many of the films currently on offer, a couple of them twice! So let's start with her favourite, Warm Bodies (2013).  This is your basic paranormal romance, sexing up zombies and giving them a similar status to that of vampires in popular culture.  I don't know about you, but I think one of the most terrifying thing about zombies is that they cannot be reasoned with.  They have one function, to eat fresh meat - no matter whose body it happens to be attached to!  This film has a link with Shaun of the Dead (2004) in that they are both comedies, and their comparisons with current life makes you wonder just who the dead people in society truly are.  Is it the people who go to a restaurant with friends and spend hours talking to other friends by text message instead of talking with their friends who are sitting at the table?  Or is the people who are hooked up to their computers night and day, who visit the supermarket to push trolleys around aimlessly, not being able to decide what to eat?  Still, the premise behind Warm Bodies appears to be sound and I am looking forward to seeing the film very soon!

Another film that keeps flashing up on the television is Beautiful Creatures (2013).  This is a film based on the occult, where a young witch, Lena, won't know her fate until she turns 16.  A classic boy-meets-girl romance with well-intentioned parental interference which serves to push the couple closer together, while she anxiously awaits her fate.  This film has had mixed reviews, but it is one that I must see!

Finally, I was driving my car home this week, and there has been a repeated ad on the radio for Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013).  In this particular film, the hero and heroine in the title roles have grown up a bit and, after their childhood adventures almost end in a grisly fashion, they turn to killing witches for a living.  In the original tale the duo work together to outwit the witch, using only their wits.  In this film, they get separated, so each of them must work alone, or enlist other help.  The plot sounds fascinating, and the special effects look amazing! 

An alternative is Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft, which is out at the moment and stars a familiar face in one of the title roles - you might recognise him as Seth from the Twilight series - Booboo Stewart.  This one is set in the present in a boarding school.  Booboo is asked to join an elite coven who plans to sacrifice his twin sister to the 'Witch of the Woods'.  There are a few Hansel & Gretel movies out at the moment, so it will be interesting to see WITCH one comes out on top!  Sorry, I couldn't help the pun! 

I will be posting full reviews in due course, but by all means let me know whether or not you've had chance to see them and your opinions.