I was thrilled to see golden oldie Poltergeist on the television this week. The story is straight-forward enough; a ghostly presence takes control of the house and the youngest child, Carol Ann, who was actually born in the house starts talking to people through the television set. Alas, her parents think she is playing until she starts yelling at the screen. More paranormal activity takes effect, and furniture starts moving of its own volition.

This culminates in Carol Ann's brother, Robbie, being attacked by the tree outside the children's bedroom window. While the parents are outside the house trying to rescue their son, Carol Ann is vacuum sucked into the closet and disappears. Having rescued Robbie, the family return indoors and return to the bedroom to find it completely trashed and their daughter missing. Frantic, they search the house and eventually Robbie hears his little sister speaking... Through the television set.

A team of paranormal investigators are called in to try to locate Carol Ann, and they try to play down spiritual activity and tell the family not to be concerned if nothing shows up – there are lots of reasons behind supposed ghostly activity. Mr Freeling, the children's father simply nods and opens Carol Ann's bedroom door to reveal a host of toys revolving in mid-air with no apparent medium of doing so.

Long story short, Carol is eventually recovered and the family resolve to move out, but stay in the house overnight while they get themselves organised. This is where I have the issue. If you have been haunted by malevolent ghosts and demons who are after your daughter's soul because she is such a light spirit, then why would you stay in a house where she has been single-mindedly attacked – even for just one hour? Anyone else would have left the house and everything in it forever and not looked back!

Seeing this film has taken me right back to the first time I watched it – with my mum. Dad was never one for films, but mum loved them; especially horrors. The thing is, this film is actually just as good (in spite of my niggles about the script) today as it was when it was first shown to the public. The special effects are amazing, but Steven Spielberg was the film's producer and he has performed consistently well as a producer and executive producer over the years.

Poltergeist scores 7.4 on IMDb today, while The Woman in Black scores a mere 6.8. I love both films, but the scores tell us one thing... That Poltergeist continues to be a major player as far as ghost stories are concerned, and those that have watched it clearly remember it to give it such a high rating. 

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