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December 2, 2012
I always enjoyed receiving new books from my parents - they opened my imagination to new ideas and paths of learning; inspiring my literary choices for decades.  At 9 years old, my teacher asked me what my favourite type of story was.  Without shame or embarrassment, I told her that my favourite tales were fairy stories filled with handsome princes, beautiful princesses, evil witches' enchantments where everyone lived happily ever after.  Yes, I know that this says more about me, than it did those who laughed at my childish fascination with this type of fiction - but I still don't think that I was wrong to select them.

While my friends were reading about the Famous Five or Narnia, I was laughing knowing that Narnia was based on one of the biggest fairy stories of all; while the Famous Five (although quite acceptable in its day) was very gender specific in its roles and as such it didn't really appeal to me.  Why couldn't the princess save the prince for a change?

I have watched Grimm since the first episode of Season One and have not been disappointed by the premise of the programme.  It arises from the adventures of the 'Brothers Grimm' and reveals their tales to be taken as a warning, rather than simply fairy stories.  Nick Burkhardt is a homicide detective who invariably gets called in on many cases involving supernatural species which only he is able to detect due to his biological heritage, as this relates directly back to the original Grimm brothers.  His girlfriend, Juliette, has had her memory wiped of Nick due to a particularly vicious spell and cannot recall any aspect of her life with him, so has taken to asking questions of the other people in their life - many of whom recognise Nick for what and who he is.

Nick is definitely one of those characters you want on your side and as long as you're not a threat to anyone else (or any other species) he will leave you alone; his mother, played by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, is nowhere near as amenable and almost kills two of Nick's furry friends the first time she shows up.  I must admit, I don't trust Nick's mother in the slightest - I think she has her own agenda!

Juliette, I can sort of empathise with.  After losing the memory of the most important person in your life, you would feel as if you were living with a stranger and find it hard to create a foundation for friendship, or even love.  You would question your closest friends and family to try to establish what kind of relationship you had with anyone claiming to be your nearest and dearest, especially when you are experiencing flashbacks revealing broken windows and violence.  Juliette does appear to be somewhat of a wet blanket.  I seriously doubt that she would have the ability to cope with Nick's new life as a Grimm and he may well be better off trying to distance himself from the relationship.   However, we will wait and see.

I do love Monroe, the soft and fluffy "big bad wolf" with a moral code.  This wolf is who Nick turns to when he needs help and somehow the Wider Blutbad can find answers that Nick and his colleagues are incapable of arriving at.  Nick certainly has his work cut out for him though, as lately his partner has stumbled upon his secret and it looks very likely that others will follow; not that his activities will come as any surprise to Captain Sean Renard, another character of dubious intent. 

I am definitely following this particular season's events with bated breath.

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (Dir: Branagh)

November 25, 2012

I had not watched this particular film until recently.  I've been looking at Mary Shelley's book as part of my coursework and have been fascinated by the comparisons between the book and Shelley's own life.  The story of Frankenstein evolved from a bet between her, Percy Bysshe Shelley and Lord Byron to come up with a scary story.  If reports are accurate, Byron was so terrified by Shelley's tale that he ran screaming from the room.  The book itself is written in a flowing style, making it ...

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Dead Men Don't Walk

November 11, 2012
I love The Walking Dead and I enjoyed watching season 4, although it seemed to me to be a little more gory than previous series', however, I might be recanting events through rose coloured glasses...  Anyway, I digress.

One of the things that has been prevalent in my household is the back of a computer chair in front of the television screen.  Yes, my darling OH has been obscuring my view of the telly while playing on the xbox!  Yes, I know, other gaming consoles exist, but in our house the xb...
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Sometimes I Wish Life Had a Pause Button

November 11, 2012
It has been such a busy month for me.  Becoming a grandparent was probably my scariest moment and in spite of my best efforts my daughter refused to call her daughter Wednesday.  :(  Well, she was born on Halloween, so I thought it was appropriate!

For all the fear and worry, though, sometimes I wish that life had a pause button so I could appreciate those incredible moments for a few seconds or minutes longer.  I know that Adam Sandler didn't really use the remote control to his advantage in ...
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October 5, 2012
As many of you beautiful readers already know, I spend an awful lot of time with books in my hands and I have to believe that this is a good thing.

Books not only educate us, sometimes in a very sophisticated and underhand way, but they also allow us the facility to escape from a life which might be challenging, cruel, or even unfair.  What I do know is, we all have our cross to bear, sometimes it is ill health, sometimes it is poverty, sometimes it is dealing with a whole range of different p...
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The Castle of Otranto - Horace Walpole

September 28, 2012
I recently came across The Castle of Otranto, written in 1764 by Horace Walpole.

This book is a classic piece of gothic literature, featuring a lot of the main themes, ghost-like apparitions, maidens in distress, a cruel overlord, churches and cloisters, exotic locations, contracts, rites, hidden birthrights and last but not least, a potential curse visited upon the next generation.

I absolutely loved this literary treasure.  In spite of the age of the book, it proved to be a very easy read and...
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The Hunger Games

August 30, 2012

I've had hold of the The Hunger Games book trilogy for a while now, but never had the opportunity to read them until recently. 

A dear friend managed to pass me on her copies of the Fifty Shades and while Mr Grey certainly does have demons of his own to contend with, these are psychological rather than metaphysical in nature. I'm afraid the Fifty Shades books did not leave a long-lasting impression on me and a friend actually queried if I had read them right? That poses the question, “H...

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Demonic Possession

August 15, 2012
I was talking with a dear friend of mine the other day about demonic possession, specifically that film... The Devil Inside (which you probably know my opinion of already, if you've been following my blogs for a while.)

Anyway, I got to thinking if there was a way to prove demonic possession existed, then I discovered something really strange on You Tube of all places.  This young girl is exhibiting very strange behaviour and frankly, I don't know how she managed to stay upright at the end of ...
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Golden Oldies

July 28, 2012
I was thinking about keeping the kids entertained over the summer holidays - which let's face it is a nightmare for most parents - and I had a brainwave...  Why not compile a shortlist of films to keep them occupied while dad is engaged on the housework or mum is on facebook?

There are so many good modern films, and the graphics are fantastic - way beyond much of what we had available when I was growing up.  Still, there have been some amazing films which might just keep your little ones enter...
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Football Nightmares

July 4, 2012
Like most other pundits in the UK, I have been glued to the television over the past weeks hoping against hope that I would finally see England triumph in the Euro. 

Although I saw flashes of brilliance, for instance Carroll's goal, these were few and far between for our particular team and Spain's dazzling display on pitch showed us just far short of the mark we really were.

I would say, thank goodness that nightmare is over for another 4 years, but we have the Olympics in a few short weeks, ...
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I love everything supernatural and I really hope that you find this site useful with lots of ideas for different films and reading material.
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