Is anyone else watching this fantasy drama on Channel 5?

Created by the same writing team who dreamed up Tron and Lost, it's a cross over between a "real life" place called Storybrooke, Maine and a magical Enchanted Forest incorporating the scope and characters of fairy tales and stories.

Many of the events throughout the series appear to strongly echo the stories in many of our favourite fairy stories, with the aptly named town Mayor, Regina, strongly reminiscent of Snow White's evil witch of a step mother! 

There will be those readers out there who can recall the actor, Robert Carlyle.  If you haven't seen this actor before, you might consider checking out Trainspotting (a film that is oddly enough, not about trains) or The Full Monty.  The latter film is based in the Steel City, Sheffield and pays tribute to the roots of the city as well as providing inspiration for jobseekers throughout the UK at the time!

Robert Carlyle's character in this particular program appears to be darker than even the evil queen.  Let's face it...  Snow White's step mother was a vain, self-centred cow whose husband died within months of marriage, leaving her to look after a girl who constantly reminded her of her husband's former wife.  (Just calling it as I see it!)  Move to Storybrooke, and you have a woman who has adopted a child and looked after it since birth, feeling extremely anxious since the arrival of the child's birth mother in town.

The series begins with Snow White's step mother crashing the wedding to announce a dark curse that will steal everyone's happy ending, except her own. 

As a show, it is very polished and the special effects are fantastic.