At one point, I couldn't decide which I would want to be.  When reading a book, I sink into it, become one of the characters so that I can see from that particular character's perspective.  Well if it were a matter of life or death - could you decide whether to be a lycan or a vampire?

I've spent a couple of years reading Laurell K Hamilton's Anita Blake series as well as the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer.  I've watched films from Underworld to Blade and read the entire Dark series by Christine Feehan as well as Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series...

Vampires: they are what they are.  They are powerful, hypnotic, alluring and completely dazzling.  They have a sensual allure that is impossible to shield against and their abilities are simply staggering.  You have the original Count Dracula who could turn into a bat, then you have Edward Cullen with his superhuman speed and telepathy.  Jean-Claude from the Anita Blake series is powerful, but hides much of what he is from other vampires, and goes on to become Master of the City.  Asher, in the same book series, has a bite which is orgasmic and he grows in power to become Jean-Claude's second in command.  It's an exceptionally tempting prospect.  There are Truth and Wicked who can both fly and were powerful enough to survive their sire's death. and of course Eric Northman from True Blood who has to be the hottest vampire ever!  I think I'd turn vampire for Eric alone! 

There are cons to being a vampire - depending on the fiction you read - unable to go out in sunlight, 'Dead Until Dark'.  Not being powerful enough puts you under the command of another vampire, and they're not always completely sane!  Russell Edgington from True Blood clearly has delusions about his own self-importance.  Anyone who has seen the ending of Series 4, must have drawn the conclusion that Russell Edgington will be back for revenge!

However, you then have lycans.  Probably the most famous of all werewolves at present is Jacob Black.  The Quileute wolf pack in the Twilight Saga is a close-knit group who think and act as one entity.  Imagine the ability to be able to change forms at will, not to have the change brought on you by seeing the full moon.  Lycans have no real control over their change, or their actions once changed - their thirst for blood is as strong as a vampire's.  Most of the time you would be human, if you were a true lycan, with no ability to switch to your furry alter-ego at will.  However, shape shifters are another matter entirely.  Shifters are powerful and have the ability to change at will into whatever they want, certainly in the case of Sam Merlotte.  If you haven't read all of the Sookie Stackhouse novels yet, expect more from this particular character!

I finally figured it out...  At one point I didn't think I cared.  I was of the opinion that they're both exceptionally powerful preternatural creatures and if I had to choose to come back as one or the other, I wouldn't care which it were - as long as I was near to top dog (figuratively speaking).  However, upon reflection, I have completely changed my mind.  Lycans vs Vampires - no contest... Vampire!  One has to be honest with oneself.  You have to know who you are and what you are in order to love yourself.  Being a vampire, I might not be able to control my urge for blood, but I would know what I was what I had to do to live.  Being a lycan, I would have no control whatsoever and wouldn’t care who I hurt or how.  There would be no remorse and memory would be inconsistent… 

Vampires Vs Shifters... That's another question!