As many of you beautiful readers already know, I spend an awful lot of time with books in my hands and I have to believe that this is a good thing.

Books not only educate us, sometimes in a very sophisticated and underhand way, but they also allow us the facility to escape from a life which might be challenging, cruel, or even unfair.  What I do know is, we all have our cross to bear, sometimes it is ill health, sometimes it is poverty, sometimes it is dealing with a whole range of different problems. 

Books have helped me in so many ways:
  1. They have provided me with a safe place I can run to when I felt scared.  Even at my most frightened, I know if I look in a book, I will find a safe haven.
  2. They might not always have a happy ending, but they always HAVE an ending.  No matter what I was experiencing, I knew that it would pass!
  3. My love of fairy tales and fantasy have always given me hope for the future and instilled in me a sense of fair play.  Good conquers evil, etc.
My explorations of the darkness in my character have found an outlet in creative writing.  I have recently put together a couple of stories which explore Gothic features/texts.  The thing is, these stories are not the "Happily ever after" tomes that I rather suspected I would write.  They are really dark, unsettling and frankly, they're not nice!

Am I happy with the writing?  Yes.  Yes, I am!  I started work on a piece of writing with a couple of friends from college last week and I was so inspired, I actually completed the best part of 90% of it on the bus on the way home!  I have passed it to one of my English teachers to look over because while it isn't a nice story, I am actually really proud of it.  The content is current and vibrant.  I have passed a copy to one of the other contributors to read, but I am thrilled with the finished item.

I can't say much more about it, because there's a chance I might be able to publish it as part of an anthology later on.  That's one of the beautiful things about literature and writing.  You can take various characters and put them through various shades of hell, make them suffer if you must.  You can make a hated character become subject to pity, while still hating them and you can take a small child and make them weak and malleable, or something else!

Do any of you write?  If so, what are your inspirations?  I must admit, I'm loving Gothic literature at the moment.  That must come as a big surprise to all you out there!  Someone who owns a blog dedicated to the supernatural enjoying Gothic fiction!  That's a real puzzle! 

By all means give me a shout and let me know what your passions and inspirations are.