Have you ever reached that moment when you wanted to read a book, but was spoiled for choice?  I reached that moment last night.

My book shelf isn't as packed as it might be, but there is one book I turn to again and again.  Sherrilyn Kenyon's Acheron has my heart breaking every time I read it.  Briefly, Acheron is born an Atlantean god.  The three fates predict that he will be the end of Atlantis; and his father, King of Atlantis, resolves to kill him.  His mother strips Acheron's immortal powers and hides him on earth.  Acheron is then born to the King and Queen of Greece as their first born son, shortly followed by another son, Styxx.  Acheron's eyes are swirly grey, like a storm cloud and many believe him to be blind and his father disowns him at birth, pronouncing his wife as a harlot who has slept with Zeus.

The wise-woman advises the King and Queen that Acheron is indeed a gift from the Gods and that his life is tied to that of their son Styxx - preventing the murder of the newborn babe.  Acheron is brought up in a household where he is unwanted, unloved and is eventually taken off to live on Atlantis by his uncle, where the true horror of his life begins. 

I am so glad that Sherrilyn Kenyon wrote this particular book.  I cherish each word, particularly the foreword by the author at the beginning.  This is the book to which I turn every time I need to recognise what my life is worth.  I know it's fiction, but I believe that this book touches a chord in all of us.  If you haven't read it, you need to get a copy.