Well, I finished reading the final instalment from Christopher Paolini's adventures of Eragon, Shadeslayer and Dragon Rider...

Much of it works out as expected, however, my main feelings upon finishing the fourth book were of immense loneliness and sadness.  To say that the series doesn't finish on a particularly high note is an understatement, and I'm an original fantasy reader, in that I believe in happily ever after!

There is more that I would want to say about the book and how it finishes, however, I believe that the series is well worth reading by anyone else who loves fantasy fiction and therefore I won't comment on information which would contain spoilers.  Speculation is one thing, spoilers are another entirely!

I find Christopher Paolini's work to be a thrilling read and how many other people can say they've ridden on a dragon's back, soared through the skies, outside of the stratosphere and beheld the world below?  How many people can say that they have taken part in battles, encountered witches, monsters and werecats?  Well, I've done all of them by reading these books.

It might not have finished how I would have written it, but the end is left open for the reader to draw his own conclusions about the future.