Ok, I might come across as incredibly practical, but that doesn't mean that I ignore Valentine's Day.

This year might just be extra special and possibly romantic too.  I've already sorted out a surprise for the man in my life.  I'm hoping to arrange a nice, quiet romantic meal at home too.  Fortunately, the salmon is already in the freezer.

Now all I will need is a certain film starring Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner to make my day complete!  I know my fella reads this blog occasionally, so he will have no need to ask me what I want... Take it as read!  Twilight: Breaking Dawn (Part 1) will be released on 11th February, just in time for Valentine's Day and the film includes Bella and Edward's wedding, scenes of their honeymoon and Bella's pregnancy.  I just wish the film held some of the humour from the book!  Obviously, it was too much to ask from the producer... Who was clearly blonde!  *Screams in frustration*

Breaking Dawn (Part 1) is the latest release in the Twilight series, with Part 2 due for cinematic release in November.  Come on February... What's keeping you?