As a massive fan of the genre, it's pretty exciting to have Sky as it gives you access to programmes you might not be able to see for months and years afterwards.  For example, Series 4 of True Blood has just started being shown on FX because Series 3 has just finished being shown on the main channels.

Once in a while though, a new series comes along, and I must admit, I'm really looking forward to Grimm.  The tagline for this particular series is "Not your usual suspects".  One suspects that the baddies are a whole host of creatures from the three bears who delight in killing little girls who steal their porridge or big bad wolves who target little girls in red capes alone in the woods, not to mention evil hags and witches galore.  With a reformed "Big Bad Wolf", Detective Nick Burkhardt sets out to uncover which criminals are behind a new wave of scenarios.  Finding out he is a Grimm with the ability to see these criminals for what they are and tasked with maintaining the balance between mankind and myth is how the series begins.

Nominated for a minor television award, for the best new drama, one hopes that this particular series delivers to the same capacity of other recently releases made in America; now if only we had a UK film company who might be filming a vampire cult comedy based in Whitby!  I want to audition!