I've just had my hands on this manuscript of new author, Anthony Lund.  This particular yarn features a plot to kill Death, also known as Grim Alfonso Reaper.  If you are familiar with the work of Terry Pratchett, then this book will definitely appeal to you, although this particular story is set between various places on earth as well as parts of Hell.  Grim has to uncover the truth about who is trying to kill him and also find a way to bring about his character restoration as well as bring down the psychotic idiot who is trying to eradicate his existence.

I must admit, I absolutely love the premise of this book and it delivers humour as well as a decent plot line.  Grim has to deal with various problems as he goes about finding out who wants him dead (you would think that being skeletal would be dead enough really), not least of which are: Pinkie a demon minion who constantly messes up and speaks in a language only Grim can understand; and Jimmy a sex maniac who has his mind on other more basal instincts.

This is a rollicking read and if you don't laugh at some of the funnier points in the story your soul has already been collected!