This season has "throne" a lot at us.  Rob Stark pronounced King of the North, Joffrey pronounced a little bastard by pretty much all who know him.

Sansa Stark must have been filled with relief when Joffrey decided to wed another, but her first real discovery is that she is now alone in Kings Landing with no real friends, and no protection!  Sansa was offered an opportunity to escape Kings Landing by Sandor Clegane and I would like to think his offer was made in good faith.  He has come to the aid of Sansa Stark on several previous occasions.  Although the young Sansa has been horrified by Sandor's appearance, she has at least recognised that he has her best interests at heart.

I feel heartily sorry for Sansa; stuck in a hostile environment 24/7 and unable to trust anyone.  Petyr Baelish has spent considerable time at Kings Landing, courting the Lannisters and has become quite affluent and influential as a result.  He is not a man to be trusted, as Sansa's father found to his cost.

The only Lannister I actually have any respect for is Tyrion!  He successfully planned the defence of Kings Landing against impossible odds, and almost succeeded.  Okay, he's lewd, crude and extremely rude, but he's funny and he plays the art of politics better than anyone else in court.  He knows what he's doing.  He recognises that Joffrey is a sadist and is going to be a problem. 

Daenerys Targaryen has had her fair share of troubles too, Coming up against black magic and sorcerers who would steal her dragons, and the empty promises of a bankrupt king, she has an endearing quality which commands the loyalty of those around her; and it's a loyalty she returns to those she loves as well.  Although, she seems equally at home dishing out vengeance too!

What worries me is the land beyond The Wall.  More so, knowing that two of the Stark boys are headed in that direction!  Here's hoping that Arya makes her way safely back to her family too!  It's clear that there's more going on at The Wall athan meets the eye, and the zombies that filled the screen as the last episode rolled to a close promised even further turmoil to come in Season Three! 

I cannot wait!  This is how television should be!