I am really loving The Secret Circle.  Cassie Blake is the beautiful and somewhat beleaguered heroine of the story who has been reunited with her father.  The thing is John Blackwell definitely appears to have his own agenda.  He has come between Cassie and her boyfriend Adam Conant, deliberately severing their intimate connection and stomping on anyone who gets in his way.

I certainly wasn't surprised that Cassie had a sister; and I was less surprised by who this turned out to be.  I must admit, I would have put good money on moody mare Faye! 

I don't trust Blackwell at all, and seeing Nick return from the dead was a real shock...  I can't wait to see what's going to happen with this show.  It's definitely got all the teenage drama instead of the schmaltz from Twilight.  Can we have more like this please?