It is not every day that feature films are shot on your doorstep, but you will definitely want to keep your eyes peeled for Dementamania due out this year!

This bizarre movie is billed as a thriller and follows the experiences of an office worker who is caught up between his deranged fantasy world and real life, unable to tell the difference between them.

If anyone knows the York area, there is a tiny street called The Shambles which hails from the Tudor period and still exists very much in the same format as it did back then.  The Shambles won an award in 2010 for "Britain's Most Picturesque Street" and with its history and vibrant street life, it is easy to see why.  Some of the filming for Dementamania took place in a building on The Shambles, so if you are familiar with the area, you might want to watch out for it.

I've seen some advance photos of this particular production and I cannot wait to see the feature, as the main character loses his grip on reality and starts to murder off his colleagues in various gruesome settings.  Even the office worker cannot seem to keep track about which world is fantasy and which is reality and it has all the hallmarks of being one of those films which keeps you guessing right until the end.