I love The Walking Dead and I enjoyed watching season 4, although it seemed to me to be a little more gory than previous series', however, I might be recanting events through rose coloured glasses...  Anyway, I digress.

One of the things that has been prevalent in my household is the back of a computer chair in front of the television screen.  Yes, my darling OH has been obscuring my view of the telly while playing on the xbox!  Yes, I know, other gaming consoles exist, but in our house the xbox rules supreme!

Probably with due cause.  I don't know how many of you play games on these devices - I'm more a Lips person, to be frank - but himself gets dragged into the RPGs so easily.  The game he has recently finished seems to have been on the screen for weeks!  Dead Island is a zombie game released in 2011, but has most recently been released as a "Standard Edition" and received some really good reviews.  To be fair, I have watched my other half cut his way through scores of dead people on a tiny island, heaven only knows where all the dead people come from!  The game environment is engaging and has the "one more go" factor which means it is playable as well as enjoyable.

It appears to have a positive review on Amazon on the Standard Edition - Dead Island Game of the Year (Xbox 360) as well as the Standard Edition - Dead Island: Game of the Year (PS3).  Amazon are calling this 'The Game of the Year' so you really can't fail with this gift this Christmas. 

Speak to you again soon!

VampGirl x