I've been reading my way through the Dark Series by Christine Feehan.  I love her concept of the mysterious Carpathian men and their loneliness and loss of all feelings and colour until they find their lifemate.  I'm on Dark Peril, which is proving to be a very enjoyable read.  I'm loving how the fiercely independent were-jaguar female, Solange, has had her heart captivated by the Carpathian male, Dominic.  The vampires and mages in the series have joined together in a bid to eradicate the Carpathians - the only people who are truly capable of standing against them.  Clearly the vampires and the mages are making a bid for world domination and only the Carpathians with their amazing fighting skills and regenerative ability can stop them. 

Christine Feehan is a compelling writer and I've been hooked on her writing since I first picked up Dark Prince.  If you are looking for a supernatural fiction writer who can make your heart pound with terror as well as soar with joy, I can highly recommend her work.