I've been contacted by an author who wants me to read and evaluate his book for him.  It's sci-fi/fantasy, so I don't know if it will be applicable to this site, however, I think the faith this particular author is placing in me is a testament to the honesty of this particular website.  Whether I love the book, or I hate it, he has agreed to an interview with me.  I have read a snippet of this author's work before.  This particular story is titled, "Vlad the Inhaler", and features an asthmatic vampire who is, I must be honest, more than a tad incompetent!  Please read it if you have a few minutes available as this short story is very funny.  I was actually rolling on the floor with laughter, and trust me, at my age, that's flipping painful! 

I'm still reading my other book at present (as mentioned in the blog below), but there is a gap in my timetable coming up in a few days, when I shall be only too delighted to start on this author's work.

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