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A New Haven

Posted by Andrea Lake on Saturday, January 26, 2013, In : Regular 
The final episode of Haven looms like a harbinger of doom, and I while I am looking forward to seeing what happens with the skinwalker and Audrey Parker, I am reluctant to say goodbye to this particular tv programme.  Fortunately, a new season has been promised (yay!) and we viewers have no idea what to expect when that rolls around at the end of this year.

The premise behind the show is that many residents of the town of Haven suffer from 'troubles' or rather are plagued by supernatural event...
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Fearsome Fairy Tales

Posted by Andrea Lake on Sunday, January 13, 2013, In : Regular 
Okay, so this week I've been looking at Fairy Stories in class and once again, I was the first to admit what I pushover I have always been for fairy tales.  When I was a child I absorbed them all, like a sponge soaking up water.

I don't know what it was about them that fired my imagination.  Hansel and Gretel terrified me - the thought of a parent deliberately leaving two children alone in the woods was more than I could imagine as a child, especially as I was much-loved by my parents.  Little...
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Demented on The Shambles

Posted by Andrea Lake on Monday, January 7, 2013, In : Regular 
It is not every day that feature films are shot on your doorstep, but you will definitely want to keep your eyes peeled for Dementamania due out this year!

This bizarre movie is billed as a thriller and follows the experiences of an office worker who is caught up between his deranged fantasy world and real life, unable to tell the difference between them.

If anyone knows the York area, there is a tiny street called The Shambles which hails from the Tudor period and still exists very much in the...
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I love everything supernatural and I really hope that you find this site useful with lots of ideas for different films and reading material.
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