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Golden Oldies

Posted by Andrea Lake on Saturday, July 28, 2012, In : Regular 
I was thinking about keeping the kids entertained over the summer holidays - which let's face it is a nightmare for most parents - and I had a brainwave...  Why not compile a shortlist of films to keep them occupied while dad is engaged on the housework or mum is on facebook?

There are so many good modern films, and the graphics are fantastic - way beyond much of what we had available when I was growing up.  Still, there have been some amazing films which might just keep your little ones enter...
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Football Nightmares

Posted by Andrea Lake on Wednesday, July 4, 2012, In : Regular 
Like most other pundits in the UK, I have been glued to the television over the past weeks hoping against hope that I would finally see England triumph in the Euro. 

Although I saw flashes of brilliance, for instance Carroll's goal, these were few and far between for our particular team and Spain's dazzling display on pitch showed us just far short of the mark we really were.

I would say, thank goodness that nightmare is over for another 4 years, but we have the Olympics in a few short weeks, ...
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