I hate it when I'm proved right!

I knew John Blackwell was trouble right from day one, (okay, so I didn't!)  But after I realised that his breaking up of Cassie and Adam was more to do with John's own self-serving plans rather than any curse, I knew all was not what it seemed.  He has been playing with his own dark magic side since he returned to Chance Harbor.

In a way, I'm glad that Diana has plans to get out of Chance Harbor for a while.  However, her being a witch is going to cause problems later on and frankly, just how well does she know this boyfriend of hers anyway?  He could be anyone or anything!  While it's probably the safest option, for the time being, there's no telling what will happen in her absence, especially with the arrival of the four remaining Blackwell kids (Blimey - John was a busy bunny!) 

In the interim, Diana's father is in no shape to stop her from leaving Chance Harbor as he's now under the influence of three demons.  The last episode closed with Faye's mother trying to help, but it looks like there are bigger and badder things set to happen in the future of The Secret Circle.  It could make some intriguing television, however there are currently no plans by CW to renew the witchy drama; however, rumours confirm that TV network ABC are looking to extend the lease on this teenage program. 

All I will say is, up the ante a bit.  Children (especially teens) are far more sophisticated than we give them credit for and need more action and horror.  While the premise for this program is actually very good, it lacks the suspense and drama which it aspires to and needs more snap, less sex.