This week's episode of Vampire Diaries held a twist that I did not see coming! 

Caroline, who everyone assumes is the typical blonde bombshell is repeatedly underestimated, but she's the one who works out why Elena has altered so dramatically since she became a vampire.  It's all to do with the sire bond and once it was explained, even I was thinking, "Why didn't I consider that before?"

The result of the sire bond is that Elena now listens when Damon speaks, where before she was all about Stefan.  Elena and Stefan have been pretty unshakeable for three seasons, but I must admit, Damon has been exceptionally patient with his passion for Elena.  He could have compelled her at any time, both into doing whatever he wanted and forgetting afterwards.  He could have, but he didn't.  Damon described himself in TVD as "the most dangerous thing you're ever likely to encounter" and he has proven to be a deadly adversary.  Certainly, if you want Damon Salvatore anywhere, it is on your side.

I know I often wondered how Katharine decided between Stefan and Damon, especially as she sired both Salvatores, but Elena's problem is two fold.  She has forgotten her identity after being reborn as a vampire and with Damon as her sire she will feel drawn to him like no other - Stefan is in for a rough time!

Watching Elena with Damon was uncomfortable, yet it made complete sense.  As a vampire, Elena had remembered everything that Damon had compelled her to forget; even the fact that he loved her - and I truly believe he does.  The thing is Stefan loves her too, enough to let her go; although the scenario is clearly crucifying him.  I can't wait to see where this season is going.

Hey Ian, if you're reading, I hope you had a fantastic birthday!  If you want to chill out with a beer some time, get in touch. 

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