The final episode of Haven looms like a harbinger of doom, and I while I am looking forward to seeing what happens with the skinwalker and Audrey Parker, I am reluctant to say goodbye to this particular tv programme.  Fortunately, a new season has been promised (yay!) and we viewers have no idea what to expect when that rolls around at the end of this year.

The premise behind the show is that many residents of the town of Haven suffer from 'troubles' or rather are plagued by supernatural events, which generally stem from someone with a 'trouble'.  To bring an end to the troubles demands that Audrey has to walk into a magical barn where she is lost in the sands of time for 27 years, and when she leaves the barn she has no memory of who or what she is, but she is immune to the troubles; thy don't affect her in any capacity, although she has lost friends and colleagues to the troubles.

Audrey makes a conscious choice to help those who are troubled and this is more than a job for her, it is her true calling.  They do say that some are born great, some achieve greatness, while others have greatness thrust upon them - this is certainly true for Audrey.  For the past three seasons it has appeared that Audrey has been unable to make up her mind between Duke and Nathan.  Duke is definitely the bad boy type and it is obvious that there is something between Duke and Audrey. but Nathan and she have a much deeper connection and have a biological link with the Colorado Kid (their son).  Audrey is aware that the Colorado Kid is her son, but whether or not she knows Nathan is the father is unclear.

The small harbour town of Haven might be situated anywhere.  It's a beautiful, picturesque town, almost postcard perfect, but there are dark forces at work within and Audrey has no idea who she can and can't trust.  There's more than one person willing and able to stab her in the back.